No video on VIVR when chatmode is video

Issue Description:

When the customer using the VIVR and opted to agent route. On this Agent Desktop(AD) will open the video screen directly (not escalate to video) wherein the agent can see the self video as well as the customer video. On another hand, the customer will be still on the call queue page of  VIVR i.e. no video screen displayed to him.


  • Open VIVR web console screen and open the VIVR configuration object, find the channel configuration. In this double-check the configuration loaded properly as chatmode:video.
  • Open the VIVR console and check if the AV signalling is as expected (refer the MediaServer Operational Manul for the signalling sequence)
  • Next, Check for the RemoteUserConnected event, the latest event should be for the live agent i.e. in the event data you can see the agent id to differentiate between the chatbot agent id and live agent id.


The configuration in VIVR of 'chatmode' is set to the 'video'. In this scenario, VIVR is initiating video requests to the remote user end using the communication proxy(chat proxy). When VIVR receives the multiple 'RemoteUserConnected' events with different agent ID will cause this scenario.

This is due to the 'AutoCallqueue' in the communication proxy set to 'true' will create duplicate queuing.

Reference:TComm Server queuing same customer session twice


Disabling this configuration from the communication proxy, 'proxyconfig.jsp' page fixed the issue.


How to auto escalate chat to video ?

At certain video cc solutions, there may be a need for escalating chat sessions or after the IW flow execution to video chat/session. The configuration goes like this,

In vivr/assets/app-config.json set the field "chatmode:video".