Media Server

Multiple Auto restart of Media Server

Issue Description: Trunk configured between Avaya CM and Media Server was going down intermittently, there was no network outage.

Components to Verify: Media Server log files – i.e. WebRTCServer.event.log file

Keywords to Search: “Too many open files” in WebRTCServer.event.log file

Troubleshooting: Verify total number of open files limit in Linux.


Command to verify: ulimit -a

Resolution/Next Steps:

  1. Login to Linux system with a user having root access rights.


Check Hard Limit in Linux:  ulimit – Hn


Check Soft Limit in Linux:  ulimit – Sn


  1. Set User level open File limits


Open file with the command: vi /etc/security/limits.conf

The lines you should add take the following parameters:


<domain>                    <type>    <item>     <value>


  1. Check weather details are added properly or not

[Signaling::Server] Failed to bind to media server port

a) Issue Description:

Media Server shows logs show the following critical error

[Signaling::Server] Failed to bind to media server port

b) Cause

Media Server unable to bind to the port mentioned in config

c) Troubleshooting

This normally happens if the server port given in media server config is already being used by some other process in the server. In such cases, ensure to either stop the other process running on same port or change the port being used for media server. You can change the media server port in WebRTCServer.conf and stop start the media server service