No data obtained from SMS_API.

Issue Description:

This is a piece of logline information written by TRealtime when the application has trouble reaching SMS API.



Realtime dashboard, shows blank for field IVR Calls

Issue Description: Dashboard field “IVR calls” data is displaying value 0 or blank data.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Look for OCM configuration key “MasterDataPath” in OCM web.config file and navigate to the configured path to access the ApplicationConfiguration.json file. Validate if IW Interpreter Web Application URL configured correctly in the ApplicationConfiguration.json file and make sure that the interpreter application is reachable from the host machine.
  2. Validate if IW Interpreter is running by using this FAQ -
  3. Using a browser or with client tools like POSTMAN check if IW Interpreter GET method “GetDurationBasedNodeCount” returns valid data. Below is a sample screenshot showing the JSON structure of the ApplicationConfiguration.json file, where ServerURL is nothing but a link to the IW Interpreter web application.

ApplicationConfiguration.json file

Response JSON output from Interpreter


4. If data obtained is valid from IW Interpreter and is reachable from hosting machine, then investigate OCM logs for more information

Realtime Dashboard shows no records.

Issue Description:  TRealtimeData Service has been started and running , however real-time dashboard displays blank as shown in fig below.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Skills configured must be valid skill id’s, refer section "things to know while configuring skills" section below.
  • For connection type CM, validate if the hosting machine can connect to CM using SSH.
    • Application config key “<add key="skillsPerConnection" value="1" />” must have its value greater than zero.
    • Use tool Putty to verify a connection to CM. CM command to get real-time skill information is “monitor bcms skill <skillId>”. 
  • For connection type SIP, validate if TMAC server, Work-Queue, SMS-API and database components are configured correctly. i.e. end-point URLs of all these applications must be configured correctly in the configuration file. Below is a sample screenshot showing the same.
  • Endpoint URLs required for TRealtime application when connection mode is configured to SIP (xx.xx.xx.xx must be a valid IP address).

    Please make sure all these endpoints are accessible from the host machine, to check this we can just run this URL in the browser and confirm there is no error like 404 or such.

  • Open IIS and run TMAC Http Proxies web application in the browser. Examine, "GetTmacWallboardSkills()" methods output. If no output then we may have to look into TMAC proxy logs as well as TMAC server logs for any generic errors at the same time.

TMAC Http Proxy list of methods


GetTmacWallboardskills method call


Valid data that is returned from the TMAC Proxy GetWallboardSkills method.

  • If none of the above approach works, Look for any generic errors in the TRealtimeData service log as well as in the OCM log.

Things to know while configuring skills:

Open Applications configuration file. TRealtimeData application demands a couple of things while configuring skills.

Under tag or section <appsettings>, if the connection type is CM then configure skills for key skillsToMonitor or if type is SIP key to look for is skillsToMonitorForSIP.

    <add key="skillsToMonitor" value="14-18;19-20" />  

    <add key="skillsToMonitorForSIP" value="14-18;19-20" />

To segregate each skills under different channels we have added custom section <TRealtimeDataServiceSettings> in configuration file as shown below.



      <add ChannelName="Voice" SkillId="" />

      <add ChannelName="Email" SkillId="" />

      <add ChannelName="Chat" SkillId="14-18;19-20" />



Here there are different channels like voice, email, chat etc. Any number of channels can be added, and respective skills must be configured against that channel. As you can see skillsToMonitorForSIP has range of skills defined and same range of skills added under channel name “Chat”. This means that all skills are chat skills.

Error in CacheMemory[GetBcmsData]: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.

Issue Description: This error occurs when consuming TRealtimeData tries to fetch data from TRealtimeData service.

Resolution: There are two possible cases due to which application may throw this error,

  1. If Skills not been configured properly in the TRealtimeData application config, i.e. OCM or other application which is requesting data for is not present in the TRealtimeData service cache memory. Please refer TRealtimeData deployment guide to configure skills properly.
  2. If skills are configured properly, then TRealtimeData application might have not obtained any data from TMAC (in-case of SIP mode) or CM (in case of CM mode). Hence there is no trace of that skill in the TRealtimeData cache memory to serve for consuming applications.