Chat transcript shown as json message instead of text message


Chat transcript in Chatbot interaction report shows as json message for each bot/customer message instead of as text message


This is because the message sent by the bot in JSON format is stored by the TMAC server as-is into the database.


Config "TextChat_FormatChatbotJsonMessage" should be enabled in TMAC server template.config file.

If this is disabled, TMAC will store messages of bot and customer in JSON format. If it is enabled, it will extract the exact text message from JSON and store in DB.

After enabling the config, stop-start TMAC server. Any new chatbot interactions after that will show the chat transcript with only the text messages correctly like shown below

Difference between org unit 0 and null

Issue Description

In Db OrgUnit will be displayed as Null , 0 or TeamID


Org unit will be null for those records which are present in database before module hierarchy was implemented

Org unit will be 0 for those records which are created with module hierarchy as disabled

Org Unit will be Team id for those which are created with module hierarchy as enabled



For the  Null or 0 Org unit records , assign the team or team id to those records. To assign the team id

  1. Check module hierarchy key is enabled or not
  2. Login into OCM when module hierarchy is enabled
  3. Navigate to particular module (e.g Intro Message Announcement)
  4. Navigate to record for which you want to change the Org unit(e.g. where wavfile is Address.wav)
  5. Select the Org unit column and from dropdown select the team
  6. Click on save button
  7. If Module is Maker/Checker , Send the record for approval and approve the record . If not Org unit will be assign to record



Agent Skill Assignment: SkillX is getting assigned automatically to an agent.

Issue Description: Few Skills are getting added automatically to an agent though it's not been selected for an agent in the OCM AgentSkillAssignment module.


This mainly happens because recorder skills been configured in OCM configuration.

Please check below config keys,

<add key="RecorderSkill" value="20" /> // here 20 is recorder skill which will be added to all the agents by default. 
<add key="RecorderSkillLevel" value="1" /> // skill level

Recorder skill is nothing but default skill (in workqueue mode) that must be assigned to each agent while performing skill assignement.

If we see the auto-assigned skill is the same as recorder skill then this can't be considered as an issue, since each agent must have a default/recorder skill.


Checker Approve Failed for Create/Delete records

OCM screens with Maker Checker access, Checker approve/reject fails with below errors

"Message after approving: Failed to approve the data"


1.Login to maker screen, create one record and send for approval.

2.Login to maker screen, delete one record and send for approval.

3.Verify the Checker DB before approving.

4.Ensure the checker DB does not have the record created/deleted in the checker DB before approval.

5. In case the maker record is already present in Checker DB before approval from OCM UI page, check the OCM Config.

6. Maker DB and Checker DB IP and config should not point to same DB. Maker and Checker DB IP should point to relevant DB.

Social Media Application/Account Module: Unable to connect to the remote server http://:/Manage/Social

a) Issue Description:

OCM UI shows error as below on Social Media Application or Account module when trying to add/edit/delete record

b) Cause

OCM is unable to connect to SMM Management API to process a record.

c) Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure Management API service is up and running. If not, start the ManagementAPI service.
  2. Ensure the ManagementAPI Service endpoint details provided in OCM config file ManagementAPIConfiguration.json is accurate. ServerURL should contain the ip address and port on which SMM Management API service is running. Screenshot of config given below.

OCM – IVR Module “IVR Introductory Module grid was not loading”

Issue Description:
When we try to upload the introductory message in a maker OCM the grid stopped loading. In checker OCM, IVR introductory module grid is not loading as well. However, we could see APPROVE/REJECT buttons. Once approved, the introductory message got uploaded but the grid was not loading in both Maker and checker OCM – IVR introductory Module.

Components to Verify:

1. Component : OCM & Data Base

2. Where to Check : OCM SQL logs, OCM logs & Data Base

3. What to Check :

  • Check the SQL query exception in OCM Logs.
  • Check the total no of records of “ Checker Audit Trial Table” in Data Base.

Keywords to Search:

Exception in OCM Logs, Select count(*) from Checker Audit Trial Table


The maximum length of JSON strings. The default is 2097152 characters, which is equivalent to 4 MB of Unicode string data.


We should keep only less than 500 records in the Checker Audit Trial table. Purge the records which are more than 500.

Cannot connect nodes in OCM Campaign Linking module

Issue description:
After drag and drop of nodes, it cannot be connected.


  1. Check for the path of the key POMCampaignLinksConnectorpath in OCM config whether pomcampaignconnector.json is created or not in that path. If not create one with the same name as mentioned. (pomcampaignconnector.json)
  2. If the file is present and if it is empty you need to include [] and save it [open and close square bracket as shown below] and then logout, login back to OCM.

3. Still if cannot connect, then a link of min 2 nodes has to be created in POM, please contact Avaya vendor to do the same. Once done, login to OCM and you can see the nodes joined which is done in POM.

The sample data which you can see inside the pomcampaignconnector.json files once the nodes are connected and saved, below:


JSON configuration changes are not reflected

Issue Description:

New JSON configuration changes done by the user not notified to the application automatically.

Issue Resolution:

Once JSON configuration changes are done, user has to navigate to OCM Configuration page and  user has to Refresh Application to refresh recent changes in the application.

This logs out the user session and enables to re-login with all the changes.


Record approved failed. Request ID: " "

Issue Description:

  • This message prompted when checker tries to Approve data in OCM UI.

Issue Cause:

  • User will create a new record and update the same record as in below  

  • Request Id 1365 that is MakerUpdate will Send for Approval

  • Checker can’t approve this request because there is no record for the same in checker database.

Issue Resolution:

  • User must Send for Approval Request Id 1365 that is MakerCreate.

  • The checker must approve MakerCreate first then MakerUpdate.

How to hide any field/column in admin page/ report


Admin Page:

  • Go to OCM application path. Open Configurations/Admin Module. Find the JSON file configuration of the admin module.

  • If you want to hide Message field. Change the value of hidden to true.


  • Go to OCM application path. Open Configurations/Reports. Find the JSON file configuration of the report.

  • If you want to hide Message field. Change the value of hidden to false.

“30/31” days is greater than the maximum configured limit of 15 days

Issue Description:

  • This message prompted in OCM dashboard when the user set month to date.

Issue Resolution:

  • Month to date selection will select the date range from the current date to last month’s date.
  • This above error message prompted when application set MaximumDashboardDays less than days in a month.
<add key="MaximumDashboardDays" value="15" />

Callflows are not displayed in IW Role Based Access Matrix Module

Issue Resolution 1:

This issue is caused when interpreter is not running. Check whether interpreter is running or not


Issue Resolution 2:

Check for interpreter version


Issue Resolution 3:

Check for interpreter URL in ApplicationConfiguration.json

User is not able to see the callflow in the dashboard even after providing the access to the callflow in IW Callflow access matrix

When we have given two roles to a single user, the application will check for the role which has higher Role ID and access provided to that role will be in effect.

Please refer below table:




1MakerCheckerPreviewerAccess Provided to Previewer Role will be in effect. For any combination with Previewer role, access provided to Previewer will be in effect
2MakerCheckerAccess provided to Maker Role will be in effect ( Maker Role has higher priority than Checker)
3MakerMakerQuery will check for the higher Role Id ( 2 is higher than 1) in CMM_Roles table and Access provided to that role will be in effect.
4CheckerCheckerQuery will check for the higher Role Id ( 2 is higher than 1) in CMM_Roles table and Access provided to that role will be in effect.
5PreviewerPreviewerQuery will check for the higher Role Id ( 2 is higher than 1) in CMM_Roles table and Access provided to that role will be in effect.


"String or binary data would be truncated." error in OCM Report Scheduler logs

Issue description :

ERROR ReportGeneric.GenericReportBase ----- Error in SelectData(). Rolled back data : ChatInteractionReport from 20190701 000001 to 20190730 111535:System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated.


Resolution :

This error appears when the reporting table column length is less than the data length when, service trying to insert.

Need to verify all the columns length with data value length and update accordingly in OCM Reporting tables.

How to exclude/include Admin/Report/Dashboard in OCM Application?


  • All Admin module/Reports are configured in AccessConfiguration.json file
  • This file contains 4 main sections AdminPages, Reports, Dashboards, OtherApplications.

  • Any Admin module to exclude from OCM application, Included property should change to false as below under AdminPages

  • Similarly, for reports, Included property should be changed to false as below under Reports
  • This excluded module/report will not appear in User Management or Role management access-list in OCM Application

No records to display in Intro Message Announcement

Issue Description:

This issue due to this error in the log “Index was outside the bounds of the array”.

Issue Resolution:

  • Value count in the IntroductoryMessage and IntroductoryMessageFileUploadName should match
<add key="IntroductoryMessage" value="IVR_A_MainMenu,IVR_B_MainMenu,IVR_C_MainMenu" />

<add key="IntroductoryMessageFileUploadName" value="CBGPhrases,CBGPhrases,CBGPhrases" />
  • Check if all functionality present in the table are added in IntroductoryMessage key in web config.

How disable Org. unit option?

Issue Description:

This message prompted when the user doesn't select the org unit in the admin page of OCM UI