Scheduled callback is failing

 a) Issue description:

Once the chat is disconnected, agent can schedule the callback by given date and time. It is failing with TMAC UI error "Schedule fail"

b) Components to Verify:
ComponentWhat to CheckWhere to Check
TMAC ServerDialer certificateGo to TMACServer folder -> AMACWebServerWin.exe.config/ template.config

Check the key "DialerServiceCertificate" and its value.

Certificate path and certificate(Server cert) should be valid

c) Keywords to Search:
ComponentKeywordsLog Path
TMAC Server LogRescheduleRequestGo to TMACServer folder -> AMACWebServerWin.exe.config -> key ‘Log4NetConfigFile’ will have the path to TMACServerLogs

d) Resolution: 

Configure the correct cert name and path in the TMAC server config