Export Scheduler

Exported reports from Export Scheduler are not in sync while exporting from OCM UI

Reason :

  • Export Scheduler refers to OCM Dlls internally for exporting configured reports, all the latest changes done in OCM UI should reflect in Export Scheduler as well.
  • The exported report files should have same logic when exported from ocm ui or from the export scheduler
  • Hence every OCM DLLs (OCM.DataAccess.dll, OCM.Model, OCM.Utlities.dll) should be replaced when OCM UI is released

How to notify user when report is exported from Export Scheduler?

Resolution :

  • All reports configured to export will exported to a specific path
  • Once exported this has to be notified to the user if success or failure
  • Below key-value enabled as below
<!--- Send a email to notify once scheduler exports -->
<add key="EmailNotify" value="1" />
<!--username && password of the sender-->
<add key="fromAddress" value="###@domain.com" />
<add key="password" value="#######" />
<!--- SMTP server -->
<add key="SMTPServer" value="mail.domain.com" />
<!--- SMTP Port Number -->
<add key="Port" value="25"