Export Scheduler

Even though reports are getting generated email displays "OCM Export Scheduler not able to generate report:"

a) Issue Description

Even though report are getting generated in Report downloads modules, Email displays "OCM Export Scheduler not able to generate report:".

b) Components to Verify

Check the below key in app.config

<add key="EmailNotify" value="1" />
<add key="DownloadCheckThreadSleepTime" value="20000" />


If EmailNotify is enabled, make thread to sleep for specified milliseconds, so that for every retry count file download is checked (eg: 20000 as 20 seconds).If Report has large data change the value to 40000 as 40 seconds.

d) Cause

This happens either the Email Notify key is not enabled or DownloadCheckThreadsleeptime key is not present . Also if we will not provide thread sleep time then export scheduler will send an email before the report is getting generated.

e) Next Steps 

Change the value of the key DownloadCheckThreadSleep to 20000 or 40000(depending on the report size). schedule a report in export scheduler and check the Emails when report is generated


Exported reports from Export Scheduler are not in sync while exporting from OCM UI

Reason :

  • Export Scheduler refers to OCM Dlls internally for exporting configured reports, all the latest changes done in OCM UI should reflect in Export Scheduler as well.
  • The exported report files should have same logic when exported from ocm ui or from the export scheduler
  • Hence every OCM DLLs (OCM.DataAccess.dll, OCM.Model, OCM.Utlities.dll) should be replaced when OCM UI is released

How to notify user when report is exported from Export Scheduler?

Resolution :

  • All reports configured to export will exported to a specific path
  • Once exported this has to be notified to the user if success or failure
  • Below key-value enabled as below
<!--- Send a email to notify once scheduler exports -->
<add key="EmailNotify" value="1" />
<!--username && password of the sender-->
<add key="fromAddress" value="###@domain.com" />
<add key="password" value="#######" />
<!--- SMTP server -->
<add key="SMTPServer" value="mail.domain.com" />
<!--- SMTP Port Number -->
<add key="Port" value="25"