Report Scheduler

How to reschedule a report in OCM Report Scheuduler?


  • A report executing for particular interval of time can reschedule by updating record in ExportReportScheduler table.
  • Update InputEndDate, StatusDateTime and Frequency columns in the ExportReportScheduler table to reschedule.
  • Next execution will be from configured InputEndDate (as start date) to InputEndDate + Frequency (as end date).
  • Update StatusDateTime with old date (StatusDateTime  - frequency), as current date will be verified with StatusDateTime.

For example:

  • As below screenshot for AgentLoginLogoutReport, execution completed till 20190531 000000 (InputEndDate)

  • Now, this report to be till current date, frequency difference is 89 days i.e., current date (20190828 000000) - InputEndDate(20190531 000000)
  • Update FrequencyInMinutes column with 128160 (89 days)
  • Update StatusDateTime column to any old date (current date - 89 days), say 2019-05-17 00:00:00.000
  • As we have to continue from previous InputEndDate(20190531 000000), no need to update InputEndDate column
  • update ExportReportScheduler
    set FrequencyInMinutes = 128160, STATUSDATETIME = '2019-05-17 00:00:00.000'
    where ReportName ='AgentLoginLogoutReport'

  • Logs

  • Data will update for the frequency set as below

What is "DLL file not found" error in OCM Report Scheduler?

Resolution :

  • A new report in OCM Report Scheduler must be configured accordingly  as below
    • A record in ExportReportScheduler table in database fro report
    • DLL config key in service as below
<add key="AgentInteractionReportDLL" value="E:\Products\OCM Report Scheduler Service\Source\OCM.ReportScheduler\Libs\AgentInteractionReport.dll" />
    • DLL in a specific path mentioned in the above key.
  • If specific report DLL not found in a specific path, service tries to invoke this gives the error as "DLL file not found."
  • Hence always make sure report DLL deployment done correctly in the specific service path